Mccall’s Quilting Magazine (6 Issues)

Mccall Quilt (6 issues) – Written for manual and machine quilters, McCall Quilting publishes original patrimonial patterns and seasonal designs with beautifully illustrated instructions that are level quilters of... Read more »

Archaeology Magazine (6 Issues)

Archeology (6 issues) – The archeology magazine gives life to the ancient world. Each issue offers incisive reports, vivid stories, engaging photographs and the latest news from around the... Read more »

Cruise Travel Magazine (6 Issues)

Cruise Travel (6 issues): Cruise Travel will continue to provide our readers with the best and most up-to-date cruise information. We are the only cruise magazine in the country.... Read more »

Teen Titans Magazine (12 Issues)

Teen Titans (12 issues) – When young heroes are targeted by a mysterious organization, it's up to Robin Tim Drake's network to unite these super-powerful teenagers! Wonder Girl, Flash... Read more »