Can A Cow Jump? (Digital) Magazine (1 Issue)

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  Can a cow jump? Magazine (digital) (1 issue) Can a cow jump? (Digital) – How much does the sky weigh? How do the fish sleep? Why do the boomerangs come back? These are just some of the questions asked and answered in Can a cow jump? In this book we will explore some of the most insane questions, immersing ourselves in the science behind each one and providing you with trivia and fascinating perspectives for a lifetime. So, can a cow jump? Find out here! With: Science: find out how old your body is, why habits are so difficult to break and more. Environment: why is it white bird poop? Why do chickens have combs on their heads? Can animals count? We have the answers History: delve into the story to discover why there are seven days a week, how the first mountains of Everest were climbed and more. Space: explore the confines of the universe and discover what would happen if you fired a weapon in space and why the Moon shrinks.

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