NZ Rugby World – Special Cup Edition (Digital) Magazine (1 Issue)

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  NZ Rugby World - Edition of the Special Cup (Digital) Magazine (1 Edition) NZ Rugby World – Edition of the Special Cup (Digital) – There is a reason why we call our new collector's edition the Definitive guide for the definitive competition and it is not only because the IRB made sure that we could not call it any other way. It really is the best guide for a competition that will have 20 teams and will start on September 9. There is an analysis of the 20 teams, complete details of each place and what you can do in each one and the usual irreverent route of who cares and that really is a waste of space. There is also a brilliant blagger guide so you can see well informed in front of your teammates, a focus on the referees and a celebration of the many kiwis that will be involved because every other team has bitten some New Zealand players and coaches

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