The NFL Book (Digital) Magazine (1 Issue)

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  The NFL Book Review (Digital) (1 issue) The NFL (Digital) Book: When it comes to exciting sporting events, there's nothing more like the NFL. A deep sport full of complex strategies, played some of the most physically gifted athletes in the world, soccer has become one of the most attractive forms of sports entertainment on Earth. With the drama of Super Bowl 50 behind us, the 2016 season promises to be the best the league has seen so far. The NFL Book is a complete guide to the favorite sport of the United States, a celebration of soccer for newcomers and veterans of the grid. Taking advantage of the growing global popularity of the league, the book covers everything from the basic rules of football to the most incredible records and statistics of the sport. It also gives a profile to each NFL franchise, from Buffalo Bills to Seattle Seahawks, counting the best players and games in league history. No matter who you follow, there is something for all football fans here. Presentation: NFL: Everything you need to know: from the draft to the playoffs and everything in between, face the most exciting sports league in the world. 50 iconic NFL players: discover some of the most influential players in the history of the National Football League and what made them so special. The 10 best NFL games of all time: home to some of the best sports contests in history, the NFL is a positive proof of how impressive the sport is at its best. Meet the teams: from Buffalo and New England to Seattle and San Francisco, get to know the 2016 season with our detailed profiles on each NFL team.

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