Fitness 4 Kids (Digital) Magazine (1 Issue)

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  Fitness 4 Kids Magazine (Digital) (1 Issue) Fitness 4 Kids (Digital) – Are you worried that your children are not active enough? Do you find it difficult to motivate them for action? Children today are less physically active than ever, putting their future health and happiness at risk. Fitness 4 Kids comes to your rescue, offering all the expert guidance you need to help your children enjoy an active lifestyle. Written by a qualified personal trainer, the complete guide explains what type of exercise your child should do at each age, from child to adolescent. Starting with the basics, explain why exercise is so critical to your child's physical and mental health. Describe the ABC of the exercise, what happens to your child's body at each age, and the official exercise requirements. The second part of Fitness 4 Kids is full of fun activities and exercise ideas for the whole family with clear instructions and step by step. You will learn how to have fun, overcome any challenge and motivate your children to go outdoors. There are also tips and guidelines for healthy eating. It is all you need to keep the kids and be fit, happy and healthy.

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