Creative Stash & Scrap Quilts (Digital) Magazine (1 Issue)

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  Creative Stash & Scrap Quilts Magazine (Digital) (1 issue) Creative Stash & Scrap Quilts (Digital): a universal lament of all quilters: too woven in our cache! I know that I am personally isolating the house with my stash of cloth; in several areas (insert the husband's moan here). However, I have great plans to use all my fabrics in my life. The big question is, what designs will I use? My hiding place consists of large and small fabrics. Some pieces are remains of a finished project, while others are pieces that only had to have, or that were purchased in a specific length for a quilt and did not work when required. Sounds familiar? Creative Stash and Scrap Quilts is a collection of 19 inspirational quilt patterns from the pages of the Quilters Companion magazine. They were chosen to motivate him to start working in his hiding place, no matter what style of quilter he is. Six of the projects are made using templates, seven projects are in rotation and the last six are predominantly applied.

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