Rohous (Digital) Magazine (1 Issue)

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  Rohous Magazine (Digital) (1 Edition) Rohous (Digital) – ROHOUS is a monthly lifestyle magazine that celebrates the art of living well in less than 1,200 square feet. Good design, innovative architecture, inspiring interiors and efficient use of space will be the focal point of our publication. Through a global perspective, we want to inspire you to live with elegance, promote life in small spaces as a viable lifestyle, allow you to maximize comfort and efficiency, share our resources with you and promote our commitment to live more wisely through a smaller ecosystem spaces. Sharing the best that the world has to offer, we will explore a variety of small houses that include houses, restaurants, apartments, boutiques, hotels and other unique spaces. ROHOUS will take you to a new appreciation of the smaller life through our featured magazine sections: City Feature, One Room Wonder, Big Bite Small Site, MYHOUS, Let Me Do It, Host, Outdoor Retreat, Dossier, Design Sage and Small Stuff [19659002] Rohous Magazine (Digital) (1 Edition) Sale Price: $ 3.99
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