American Girl Magazine (6 Issues)

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  American Girl Magazine (6 issues) American Girl: subscription to American Girl magazine is an appropriate, entertaining and informative magazine for girls over eight years of age. An excellent alternative to more traditional teen magazines, each issue of American Girl magazine includes ideas for handicrafts, riddles, quizzes, tips, games and other fun activities and articles. If you have daughters or granddaughters, American Girl magazine is an excellent magazine for tweens to which they can go in search of fun ideas for the party, like pajamas for the return to school or ideas that they can use to decorate their rooms in a unique way . shapes. colorful Many parents like the fact that the magazine does not focus too much on children, makeup and other problems that girls tend to be too exposed to. In addition to all the fun information that is included in each issue of American Girl magazine, the magazine also contains useful articles that can help girls deal with everyday problems they may face, such as how to handle relationship problems with friends. . Each edition celebrates girls' creativity, self-expression and independence, and fosters a sense of trust in their readers. The magazine is a great gift idea for any girl over eight years old, but especially for those in their teens who are looking for ways to increase their self-esteem and become intelligent and strong young people. American Girl magazine emphasizes the importance of learning and education, and does not focus on frivolous issues that often concern girls. Encourages girls to be good citizens in their communities and good role models for those around them.

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