Yummy: Weekend Cooking (Digital) Magazine (1 Issue)

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  Delicious: Weekend Cooking Magazine (digital) (1 edition) Delicious: weekend kitchen (digital): not every day you can spend long hours in the kitchen preparing elaborate meals, baking cakes Layered and filled fruit cakes or prepare snacks to start a meal. But on weekends and holidays, when the family is at home and there is more than enough time to go crazy in the kitchen. You can easily dazzle everyone with delicious meals, starting from a breakfast beyond the usual to a hearty lunch or a four-course dinner. I could even have time to make a pizza from scratch and serve it for refreshments! In this book, YUMMY continues to offer you not only new recipes, but also new ideas, culinary aspirations and even new interpretations of traditional cuisine. The recipes are perfect for Saturdays and Sundays when you have more hours to prepare and cook, but you can easily make them any day of the week if you wish. Savor these tasty recipes with your family and friends. Make your weekend table a place to eat well and have a good time. Enjoy!

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